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Harford Springs Reserve

South of Riverside, near Lake Mathews, hikers can explore the enticing nature of Harford Springs Reserve. The 325 acre park sits on a plateau at about 2,000 feet above sea level, and it supports a diverse habitat including oaks, eucalyptus trees, and ample amounts of wildlife. Beautiful spring wildflowers, wide-ranging views and interesting geology are among the highlights here allowing memorable experiences for any visitor. The reserve feels like an escape from urban area, despite being just a short drive from Corona and Riverside. Having very light foot traffic compared to other nearby trails, Harford reserve exhibits abundant wildlife such as lizards and birds. The reserve is also known for its bountiful wildflowers allowing amazing views for hikers or nature photographers.


Open for public day use:

Park Hours
8 am - Sunset

Reserve Access Address:
17244 Cajon Drive

Perris, CA 92570

Reserve Physical Address:
21470 Gavilan Road

Perris, CA 92570

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