Please note:  Fire restrictions can be imposed at any time.
Your park ranger will let you know if any restrictions are needed.

Hurkey Creek Park

Beautiful Hurkey Creek Park, located off of Hwy 74 in the San Jacinto Mountains just 4 miles southeast of Mountain Center, is the perfect locale for reconnecting with nature and our local mountain ecology. This idyllic getaway boasts a seasonal creek, majestic pine trees, awe-inspiring mountain views, and all the charms and tranquility of a classic woodland recreation area.

The park’s rustic but well maintained campground offers 130 individual campsites for overnight or extended stays of up to 14 days, as well as large group camping areas in 5 separate loops that can accommodate 80-100 campers each. Popular activities for both campers and day-use guests include picnicking, BBQ, hiking, biking and bird-watching. The meadow offers a large area for outdoor games or group gatherings. For the younger set, there is a fun modern playground.

Hurkey Creek Park is currently surrounded by a partially burned area, however, the actual campground was not burned.  It is still green and lush with beautiful mountain trees, shrubs and foliage.  All sites are open for reservations. Hurkey trail has recently re-opened, but is not maintained.  Day use fees apply to enter and park in the park.  Trailhead parking can be found near Coyote Run bathroom.  Adventure passes not valid in the park.

If you have further questions, call the park office for updates on weather and trail conditions, and other important safety information.


  • 130 developed and primitive total sites
  • Large open campground
  • Can accommodate RVs up to 40 ft
  • Restrooms
  • Coin operated showers
  • Children’s playground
  • Picnic area
  • 10-mile bike course
  • Fishing lake nearby
  • Fire/grill rings
  • Hiking trails are multi use
  • Separate area for groups/special events
  • Pet friendly

Park Hours:

Park Hours
Friday-Saturday & Holidays:
6AM -10PM



  • Camping: $25 per night

  • Day use: $6 per adult | $3 per child (12 and younger)

  • Dogs: $2 each, per day

Current license, registration, and insurance is required when camping. For more information, please contact Guest Services.

Observed park holidays can be found here.


  • Bicycle riders must wear helmet
  • Build fires only in safe, personal stoves in grill/fire rings provided
  • No ground fires allowed
  • Drones are not permitted in the park
  • No more than 6 occupants and 2 vehicles per site
  • Maximum stay of 14 days within a 28-day period
  • No fireworks
  • No firearms
  • Do not remove, deface, or disturb any part of the park features or wildlife
  • Do not gather firewood in the park
  • Do not attach anything to trees
  • Pets must be kept on controlled leashes (Maximum leash length – 6 feet)
  • Do not leave pet unattended
  • Clean up promptly after pet

For a full detailed list of our rules, please visit this link.

Visit Hurkey Creek Park, wherever you are, with this guided, virtual walk across the park campgrounds and day use areas. The virtual tour includes stunning 360-degree panoramas of notable areas as well as historic before and after photos showing what landscapes looked like before restoration. Along the way, learn about the notable trees that make these areas so beautiful.


  • Compatible with desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • No download needed.
  • For best experience, use browser such as a Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Slow connection speeds, at home or in the Park, may cause long loading times

Upcoming events at Hurkey Creek Park:

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Contact Us:

Address: 56375 Highway 74, Mountain Center, Ca 92561

Frequently Asked Questions:

Park/Day Use:

Q: Does Hurkey Creek Park have adequately paved paths to accommodate persons with limited mobility?

A: While there are accessible restrooms, there are no other special accommodations for the handicapped. However, aside from the campsites themselves (which are dirt), roads and paths to restrooms are paved or concrete and so somewhat accessible.

Q: What is the majority of the Day Use land like? (Paved, grassy, gravel, sandy, flat, bumpy, etc.)

A: The day-use area has a lovely, flat, grassy meadow that is nice all year long. In summer, sprinklers provide refreshment to kids young and old who wish to play in them. There are many shade trees on the perimeter of the meadow, but the center of the meadow is open to the sun and sky. Day use areas are open all year long.

Q: What types of trails are within the park for walking, hiking, biking, or horse riding?

A: There are several trails for walking, hiking, and biking. Trails are limited in the park; however Hurkey Creek Trail is out the back of the Park on USFS public land. Other trails are a short drive away. Many trails enter National Forest Wilderness, where a permit is required. Horses are not allowed on the trails within the park, but there is an equestrian trail that runs along the perimeter of the park that connects with the McCall Equestrian Campground less than 5 miles away.

Q: How many playgrounds are in the park?

A: There is one very nice playground near the day-use and camping areas. Children under age 5 should have parental supervision.

Q: Is there water in the creek year-round, and are campers allowed to swim/wade/enter the running water?

A: The creek is a beautiful natural seasonal feature of the park. When water is present, campers and guests (including dogs) are welcome to splash and play

Q: What activities are available in Hurkey Creek Park?

A: Picnic, BBQ, hiking, biking and bird-watching. The meadow offers a large area for outdoor games (softball, volleyball, etc. – provide your own equipment) or group gatherings. Hurkey Creek is popular with mountain bikers and we host two well-known mountain biking competitions each year. It is a great place to escape the summer heat down in the valley.

Q: Does Hurkey Creek Park accept the $50 annual pass or an annual vehicle pass? If so, do you sell them on-site?

A: Yes, we accept and sell the $50 annual pass.

Q: Does Hurkey Creek Park have an on-site store?

A: Not in the park itself, but there is an independent general store about 1 mile away that offers basic grocery items and sundries, specialty & deli offerings, drinks, etc.


Q: Do sites provide full hookups?

A: No. All vehicles must be self-contained; however, the restrooms have flush toilets and showers which operate on quarters.

Q: Which sites offer some level of privacy?

A: None. Some sites have no adjoining site behind them, but all are accessible and visible to the rest of the park.

Q: Which sites are best for tent camping?

A: All.

Q: What are the rules/fees for arriving early to the camp site and leaving past the checkout time
A: Sites are not guaranteed before 2pm. If the requested site was unoccupied the night before, a camper may check-in early. Drop-in campers may be asked to wait until after 2pm before a site can be sold. Campers may check into their site early, if it is available. Potential late checkout depends on the circumstances. If a site is not reserved for new campers that day, late checkout may be granted or, if the stay extends more than an hour or two, the camper will be asked to pay another night’s fees.

Q: Which sites are closest to a water faucet?

A: Community faucets can be found within 4 or 5 sites.

Q: Are there any exceptions to the 2 vehicle/2 tent maximum?

A: No.

Q: Do all sites have a fire ring and picnic table?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a dump station available to campers on-site? If not, where is the nearest?

A: There is no dump station on-site, but one is available at Lake Hemet, for a fee, about 1 mile away- east on Hwy. 74.

Q: Are campers able to exit and re-enter the park at any time?

A: Yes. Be reminded that quiet hours are 10 PM to 6 AM- please be courteous to other campers.

Q: What information is needed when registering into a campsite?

A: Info on registration card: name, address, license of all vehicles, # of campers, # of pets, etc. Driver’s license and registration may be required.

Q: If a camper arrives early, or wishes to visit the park after check-out, is there a day use fee? Is parking available for trailer or motor home?

A: No charge to use day-use parking.

Q: Does Hurkey Creek Park offer group picnic and/or group camping?

A: Group picnic and group camping are available by reservation only April 1- November 30th. There are 5 group camping areas, each of which can accommodate approximately 80 people. We have 1 reservable day-use area with parking for approximately 40 vehicles. Any special events need to be addressed to Park reservations.

Q: What non-911 emergency numbers should campers have available?

A: Campers should always carry their own personal emergency contacts, but the park kiosk can provide local numbers and information regarding emergency or necessary services campers might need.


Q: How far away is the nearest grocery store and gas station?

A: A small general store is one mile away. Mainstream stores like Wal-Mart or Target, are approximately 30 minutes down the hill in Hemet or Palm Desert. Fuel in Idyllwild- 8 miles, fuel in Hemet- 16 miles, fuel in Anza- 15 miles.

Q: What other activities are there in the area, such as trails, movies, historical/natural sites, etc.?

A: The Idyllwild Nature Center (additional fee required); the City of Idyllwild has lots to do: shopping, dining, music, art galleries, etc. Horse rental is available at McCall (May 1 to October 30).

Q: Does Hurkey Creek Park have cell phone reception?

A: Very strong Verizon reception; other carriers may not be accessible.


Q: What sorts of animals/wildlife are common in the park?

A: Deer, grey tree and ground squirrels, coyotes, skunks, snakes. Many kinds of birds! Hurkey Creek is listed in the National Audubon Society Field Guide and we host lots of visitors who come for the pleasure of bird-watching.

Q: What precautions should be taken to avoid unpleasant encounters with wild animals?

A: Keep away and contact a ranger. Do not feed animals. Please keep a clean campsite. Do not attempt to pet animals, and stay away from burrows. If snakes are encountered, contact Park staff for removal.

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