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Riverside County

Protected Areas and Ecological Reserves

Kabian Park

Kabian Park offers 1 acre of developed park space, and another 639 acres of hiking and equestrian trails through the hills of Quail Valley. 
The park was started in 1968. It was bought with money donated by Madeline Kabian with the provision that the park be named for her deceased son Roy. Not much information is known about Madeline or Roy. From the park’s inception, it was owned and operated by the City of Perris. In 1974, the city turned it over to the County Parks Department to be used as a regional wildlife refuge, which is what it is today. 

Kabian Park Sign

Kabian Park Sign

This is a picture of the park sign at Kabian Park.

Kabian Trail

Kabian Trail

This is a picture of a hiking trail at Kabian Park.

Kabian Park Playground

Kabian Park Playground

This is a picture of the playground at Kabian Park.

Road at Kabian Park

Road at Kabian Park

This is a picture along the road in Kabian Park.

Kabian Park Trail 2

Kabian Park Trail 2

This is a picture of a trail at Kabain Park.


8 a.m. to sunset |  Daily



No fees


28001 Goetz Rd.
Quail Valley, CA 92587

(951) 926-1541

  • Gazebos, with BBQ grills  

  • Drinking fountains  

  • Playground facility 

  • Hiking trails  

  • Equestrian trails  

  • Wildlife viewing 

  • Grassy picnic areas

  • Caretaker on site

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