Nature Education

We'll bee learning a lot together!  

All buzzin' bees know that nature is a wonderful and amazing thing.

We hope you enjoy these interesting lessons about nature and animals from the hive!


Vernal Pools at the Santa Rosa Plateau
This is so cool 😎  RivCoPark's Nature Interpreter Charity Hagen is live from the seasonal vernal pools at the Santa Rosa Plateau sharing what a vernal pool is, and the unusual creatures that call it home!

Tough Turtles and Toads

What does it take to survive in the cold weather when you're a little critter living outside?  Come learn about Tough Turtles 🐢 and Toads 🐸 on the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Center with RivCoParks Nature Interpreter Charity Hagen.

Lava Rock at Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve

FUN FACT: Ever wonder why some rocks resemble a sponge with small holes?
They are lava rocks, and are found at Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve.
Ranger Rob Hicks explains how these rocks came to have this unique characteristic.