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If it's overcrowded, please go back!

Currently most (but not all) of our parking lots, buildings, and facilities are closed. We are operating in compliance with public health orders. Our trails themselves are open with some exceptions. We continue to evaluate day-by-day, and site-by-site, the safety of trail access.

In addition, there are site specific issues where we need to be able to protect sensitive habitats, guests, staff and volunteers. At the Santa Rosa Plateau, the landscape is still fragile and recovering from the devastating Tenaja Fire. After recent rains, trails are not all safe. In addition, our volunteers who manag

e the site are almost entirely composed of senior citizens. We do not want them interacting with guests and visitors, so that site is currently officially closed. Trails surrounding McCall Equestrian Memorial Campground in Idyllwild also are closed due to unsafe conditions created by the Cranston Fire.

We will work to keep you updated on our various closures. If you would like to access our trails, you may call ahead for updates. Visit our website www.RivCoParks.org for site specific phone numbers. The RivCoParks site nearest your destination trail can provide the most current information.

We ask that you continue to practice social distancing, hand-washing, limiting your trips, and staying home if you are sick. Also please be patient and practice common sense. If you see a trail area that is obviously overcrowded, please go back.

We appreciate your understanding.


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