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What's all the fuss about?

You hear about agencies touting they have received an accreditation award and you wonder, what is that? Why are people acting proud of it? And why should I care?

Let's break it down. Accreditation is a process established to measure if an agency has met various standards of excellence. You might wonder, what standards? Established by who?

Standards of excellence can be established by the industry's collective members who agree on what their best practices are. They can also be set by legitimate, independent entities. Either way, this is how you are measured and you cannot receive this award unless you have met or exceeded these standards of excellence. Sure it sounds a bit dull and tedious, but stay with me and I'll tell you why you should care.

An accreditation is not just a seal of approval, it's proof that you can trust you will encounter quality, which is good because no one likes dealing with poor quality in anything. But why else should you care?

We can speak for RivCoParks in saying we think you should care about our accreditation because it's not about us, it's about our environment and people. Quality recreation is of utmost importance for the physical and mental well-being of everyone. Quality happens day-in and day-out in our parks system to support our people and places. We care deeply about our important mission to protect, preserve, and cultivate our parks system for all of us to enjoy.

You can read more about RivCoParks' many awards and accreditations under our Awards and Recognitions page on this website. In the meantime, know that we are meeting or exceeding all 151 rigorous standards set by the National Recreation and Park Association (NPRA) and the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA).


About the National Recreation and Park Association

The National Recreation and Park Association is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all Americans have access to parks and recreation for health, conservation and social equity. Through its network of 60,000 recreation and park professionals and advocates, NRPA encourages the promotion of healthy and active lifestyles, conservation initiatives and equitable access to parks and public space. For more information, visit www.nrpa.org. For digital access to NRPA’s flagship publication, Parks & Recreation, visit www.parksandrecreation.org


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