What's the Difference? WEDNESDAY


Sometimes critters are very similar and hard to tell one from another! 

Here's some fun nature education videos to help you learn the similarities and differences between these creatures. You will also learn about their habitat and tips to stay safe if you encounter them in their natural environments. 

The Hive recommends you watch one video every Wednesday.

Gopher Snakes & Rattle Snakes - Oh My!
Oh My! 😲  RivCoPark's Nature Interpreter Sami Whitcher discusses the differences between gopher snakes and rattle snakes.

The Crow vs. Raven Conundrum!

RivCoParks Nature Interpreter Charity Hagen discusses the difference between crows and ravens from the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve.

#Ravens # Crows #Nature

The Millipede Centipede Misunderstanding

Creepy crawlers are "virtually" coming your way! RivCoParks Nature Interpreter Sami Whitcher presents the Millipede Centipede Misunderstanding. Filmed at the Hidden Valley Nature Center in Riverside. Enjoy... from a safe distance!

#CreepyCrawlers #TooManyLegsToCount 

The Hare Rabbit Revelation

Today we have Nature Interpreter Charity Hagen joining us from the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve with the 🐰 "Hare-Rabbit Revelation" 🤓

The Jive with Jays!

Nature lovers and birding enthusiasts, here's your chance to learn more about Blue Jays in Riverside County. Live from the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve with Nature Interpreter Charity Hagen.

#Birds #Jays #Nature

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